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5 October 2022




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When Sean Became James

When Sean became James tells the story of the making of Dr No and of the unique and very different groups of men who came together to accidentally create one of the most influential films of all time. In October 1962 a small budget British film premiered in London. It got mixed reviews from the press and even its creators were unimpressed by their product. The original author of the story hated it, while the producers were mystified by the laughter from the test screenings. They had set out to create a sexy, stylish thriller. Had they accidentally made a comedy? The US film backers were already ruing the money they wasted on this ‘Limey spy thriller’. Their leading man, a former milkman from Edinburgh whose life is far removed from the suave, sophisticated character on screen, was regretting ever getting involved in the project. His director, who figured the actor was miscast, thinks it’s just another B-movie, soon to be forgotten.

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