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Michael Zoeller

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Michael Zoeller is an internationally renowned graphic designer and print specialist, as well as a lifelong aviation enthusiast. His articles and illustrations have been published in Air-Britain, Airways and Propliner magazines as well as in Air-Britain Books and online. He became interested in US travel clubs in the early 1970s. 'I just liked the mix of old prop-driven airliners and early jet types plus the often exotic names and colour schemes worn by travel club aircraft. The last of the clubs died out in the 1980s but my interest continued and with the help of the internet I was able to discover more and more about the carriers and their operations. My trade as a graphic designer helped me to create drawings of the schemes, especially if good colour photos were lacking. Many are included in my book, Classic Airliners. My aim is to chronicle every club registered in the USA and Canada that fitted into the travel club category, to show illustrations or photos of their aircraft, to give some detail into the exact types operated and, where possible, a short history of the club.'

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