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The Last Great Air Race

The world’s Last Great Air Race took place from London to Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1953. John Chadwick’s father, Chad Chadwick, navigated the BEA Viscount which became the fastest airliner to complete the race. The Vickers Viscount would go on to become a world-beater and Britain’s most successful airliner. The Last Great Air Race is the previously untold story of the BEA Viscount’s race, from the notes of John’s father and those of BEA’s then chief executive Peter (to become Sir Peter) Masefield, team manager, and BBC reports from crew member Raymond Baxter. Thanks to British technology the world had entered the Jet Age and, in addition to the turboprop Viscount, five English Electric Canberras would compete for line honours. In this beautifully illustrated account (more than 100 images), John Chadwick has recorded an hour-by-hour account of the last great event of its type. His book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in aerospace history.

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28 March 2024




212 Pages


100+ Illustrations

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