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16th September 2021




256 Pages


+100 Illustrations

Star Turns

During a long Fleet Street career Tim Walker met and interviewed many of the world’s most famous actors and entertainers but, it isn’t just the names of his subjects that glitter ― although they are impressive enough ― it is the insights, the humour, and the exquisite style of these pieces that makes them jump off the page. Walker does more than sprinkle a little star dust into our lives. Time and again he crystallizes what others might have sensed but not articulated, casting light into previously unseen corners of the lives we thought we knew. Here you have 71 of the world’s most celebrated people captured by a master craftsman who analyses and defines, but is never overawed. You will, at turns, be entertained, enlightened, surprised and occasionally shocked but, best of all, repeatedly made to laugh aloud at the wit, passion, talent and foibles of those who have entertained us for most of our lives.

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