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In order to entice, enthrall, and maintain the loyalty of a new breed of travelers considering a voyage by air, lavish and informative documents had to be designed, published and distributed, to answer the most complex questions, reassure the deepest fears, and celebrate these new and exciting accomplishments. Brochures, posters, timetables, tickets, baggage labels, route maps, menus, certificates, safety instructions, and many other mementos became a necessary part of the marketing effort to promote and operate the new air routes of the world. The rich heritage of the first century of air transportation must be celebrated and not forgotten. The aim of this book is to look back at 100 years of passenger air transport, through the lens of the varied and fascinating memorabilia produced by airlines and aircraft manufacturers, in an effort to highlight the exciting, adventurous, and romantic nature of air travel. All the documents and objects featured in this publication come from the author's personal collection, curated for more than 50 years. They each tell a story, from the very first airline ticket, dating back to 1913, to the early safety instructions of the 1920s and 1930s, and so much more. As you work your way through the pages of this book, you will travel in time and perhaps discover or rediscover one of the most fascinating chapters of human history, one that saw the fulfillment of the ancient but persistent dream of voyaging through the skies!

Paperback Version of Wings Over Time


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